Aliso Niguel Optometry


Services Overview

We are happy to offer a variety of services! Here’s a quick overview of our services:

Comprehensive Eye Exams for adults and children

Experts say that 80% of what your child learns in school is presented visually. Undetected vision problems can put them at a significant disadvantage. That is why Aliso Niguel Optometry offers comprehensive eye exams, even for infants. We offer comprehensive eye exams for:

  • Infants
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults


Contact Lens Fitting

We understand many customers wear their contact lenses every day so we offer custom fitting of your contact lenses. Our doctors work with you to evaluate the contact lenses

  • Comfort
  • Fitting characteristics
  • Quality of vision obtained from each lense


LASIK Consultations and Co-Management

LASIK Surgery corrects your vision by removing tissue from your cornea to reshape your eye. We will walk you through the important considerations for

  • Determining if LASIK Surgery is right for you
  • What to expect during the surgery
  • And the expectations after a successful procedure


We offer a wide range of glasess from computer glasses to sunglasses, progressives to bifocals. Whether your needs are for protection, correction, or both, we will help find the perfect match for your eyes. And you’ll look good wearing them!


We offer treatment of many eye afflictions, including dry eye, red eye, and infections. We’ll work with you to find the cause, prescribe a treatment, and heal your eyes.

Eye Exams in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Czech!

Aliso Niguel Optometry is multi-lingual, offering all our services in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Czech.

If you need a service custom-tailored to suit your needs, feel free to ask! Our staff is flexible and will work to facilitate your requests!

Lab Equipment

Aliso Niguel Optometry is equipped with the latest in edging technology and finishing equipment. By fabricating lenses on the premises, we are able to provide the highest quality assurance, fast processing, and best value to our patients.

When you receive your new eyewear, you can be sure it has been manufactured to meet the exact standards the doctor has prescribed for you. Our opticians are licensed by the American Board of Opticianry and have combined experience of over 20 years in the optical field.  State-of-the-art equipment, combined with our strict quality control standards and highly skilled craftsmanship, guarantees your new eyewear will give you the best vision and comfort possible.

The lenses we offer are the latest in digital technology and when fabricated using this process, you can be sure you will be receiving the best optics.  All progressive lenses are processed using Digital Free Form technology by leading lens manufacturers in the world, Zeiss Optics, Shamir EyePoint Technology, and Essilor Varilux lenses.  We offer this same lens technology for our single vision and blended bifocals as well.  High wrap sunglasses will benefit from the reduction of peripheral distortion using this process.  All lenses are made with precision accuracy!

We have access to all lenses available in the market today and your optical needs will definitely be fulfilled!

Topcon Retinal Camera

Aliso Niguel Optometry is pleased to offer RETINAL PHOTOGRAPHY as an extension to our comprehensive eye examination.  This is a painless process that uses advanced digital photography to document the important anatomical structures of the eye.  This instrument provides important diagnostic information for the Doctor and ensures optimal eye care treatment.  Some benefits of the procedure include:

  • High resolution image of the inside of your eye (Retina).
  • Photographs of your eyes as an excellent reference to detect subtle changes from year to year.


MOST eyes DO NOT require pupil dilation for this procedure; however, if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high eyeglass prescription, or other systemic disease, the Doctor will still recommend dilation so she may get the best view and photograph of the eye.

Zeiss FDT Visual Field Testing

Aliso Niguel Optometry uses the Zeiss FDT visual field testing machine for the preliminary tests for peripheral vision defects. Visual field tests assess the potential presence of blind spots.  A blind spot in the field of vision can be linked to a variety of specific eye diseases as glaucoma or optic nerve damages.  Brain abnormalities such as those caused by strokes or tumors can affect the visual field.